Usage-weighted Test Coverage
for Rails applications

- Learn which parts of your codebase are used more.

- Prioritize engineering and QA efforts.

- Pinpoint where test coverage should be improved.

- Proactively monitor for changes in usage patterns.

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Welcome to practicality

OyenCov is a next-generation test coverage service for Ruby on Rails applications. It's made for engineering teams that want more practical, actionable test coverage insights.

We actively identify your effort gaps in test cases, by profiling how your Rails application codebase is executed line-by-line in production runtime.

OyenCov collects runtime and test time data and tells you where you need to focus more testing effort on, be it normal Ruby modules/methods, controller actions, background jobs etc.

How is this different from Simplecov?

Simplecov has been a great tool, and OyenCov builds on top of it. But here are the whys OyenCov does better.

Simplecov treats every line as equally important. OyenCov uses the production runtime telemetry data to assign different weights to each classes, modules, and methods.

Simplecov does not consider the files not loaded during the testing. This can cause erroneously high test coverage to be calculated. OyenCov proactively parses the whole codebase and is aware of dead unloaded codes.

For a long time, the community has been using Simplecov test coverage of 80% as a best practice. OyenCov calculates a more meaningful, actionable score that tells you the effort gaps of test/production in your codebase.

How is this different from Codacy, Coveralls, etc?

Simplecov already generates very nice HTML reports, which you can store as CI artifact after every test suite, at no cost.

Many of these test coverage services are just fancy UI for Simplecov reports, so apart from tracking changes in coverage % over time, companies don't get much value out from them.

OyenCov is more than a wrapper on existing open-source tools. We introduce a new test coverage score, actively collects production runtime data, provide far more useful insights.


During the Alpha Public Preview period, we are going to keep it free while we gather feedbacks, observe how it's used, improve and fine-tune it to better suit your needs.

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Data security

We will not sell & share your data with other parties, and will try our best to safeguard your data.

Currently OyenCov is not working on any compliances, ISO, SOC2 etc. But if your company requires SaaS vendors to do so, please let us know. We may or may not be able to cater to your needs. -- Of course we will do it if there is sufficient interest from customers, we want your business!

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